West Virginia Lottery has approved urgent rules for online casinos. Follow us to get your online casino USA no deposit bonus 2020.

A proposal to legalize online casino games in West Virginia was made in the spring of 2019. However, the state lottery has been waiting more than a year to introduce some temporary rules paving the way for the launch of legal online casinos and poker sites within West Virginia.

After a serious lack of activity on the issue of online gambling for more than a year, many have speculated that the first online casinos in the country will launch in late 2020 or early 2021. It now seems that the wait may not be so long and casino and poker websites can be launched this summer so players can finally gamble online.

In late April, the WV lottery, the regulator in charge of overseeing Mountain State’s gambling industry, approved a set of emergency rules for online casinos. By July, the agency had to introduce temporary rules on how online casinos and poker activities should be conducted in West Virginia. Although many were keen to introduce these rules much earlier, the Lottery nevertheless took action within the deadline and managed to keep its promises.

What was the big reason for the regulator to decide on online casinos?

The closure of casinos across the country due to the coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact. So the regulator has finally taken action on the issue of online gaming. Countries where online gambling has been legal for some time have seen a surge in online casino and online poker room traffic following the widespread closure of physical casino gaming facilities. This is normal, since after 2 months people are called to observe social distance and stay at home, and at the same time casino gamblers can not go to physical casinos, so they have no choice but to play online.

The WV Lottery must send the emergency regulations to the Secretary of State by mid-May. The secretary will have 42 days to approve or reject the rules. This means that the first online gambling operations may start at some point in July.

The Emergency Rules authorize The WV Lottery to issue temporary licenses to interested companies. If the operator receives a license, he can start an online casino or poker room almost immediately. The temporary licenses will run for 270 days, during which time The WV Lottery will conduct a detailed review to determine whether operators should be issued full gambling licenses.

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